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Xmas 2023


When is it?

Saturday 2nd - Monday 4th December

How much is it?

£365 per person.

What does it include?

We pride ourselves on being the rally that includes the most for the smallest price. So here is what will be included in the ticket cost; hotels (with pools and spa), breakfast, 3 course dinner, fun activity, a night out/evening in the award winning Christmas Markets in Edinburgh, vehicle graphics, vehicle photography, 'goodie bags', an interactive downloadable route with print off directions, all stopping points, fuel locations and more.

How many people can I bring?

Prices are based on 2 people sharing a vehicle, but if you want to come alone contact us and we will see if we can work it out!

Can I bring any car?

Of course! There is absolutely no judgement on any of our rally's, we started this company because we felt we were on the receiving end of that 'judgement' because we didn't have a supercar. So there are no restrictions 

to what you can bring!

My car isn't fast, should I still come?

Absolutely, we are not driving at erratic speeds and the route includes lots of stop offs, the drivers we have on our rally's enjoy being in a convoy and being part of the group, although some people have freedom to put their foot down if they wish; they overall pace of the group is sensible.

Can I bring somebody under 18?

We have no age restrictions on our rally's, however some parts of the evening may be 18 and over, so they will not be able to attend this part and we sadly could not offer a cheaper ticket price for somebody who does not attend certain parts.

If I sign up, can I get a refund?

There is a deposit to hold a space and this is usually around 20-25% of the ticket cost, this covers the deposits on our end required to sign you up and this is not refundable. Any payments after this are refundable as long as it does not go over the cut off period which is usually 4-6 weeks prior to the rally. Before you sign up a contract will be sent to you perfectly outlining these terms and dates so you are fully aware of this.

My car can only run on certain fuel, will this be a problem?

We ourselves run modified cars, so we not only plan the route for cars with a terrible MPG, but we also plan the route around the fuel stations which have 99 octane fuel.

When can I sign up?

Now! Click 'shop' in the site menu.

What else do I need to know?

When you sign up, a form will be sent over to you and this has all the information on there, from what we think you should keep in your car to route specific information and everything in between! Before the rally a fully downloadable route will be sent to you with all the longitude and latitude stops so you know exactly where you are going, the milage, fuel stops etc.

Got any other questions? We'd love to hear them! Drop us an email through our 'contact us' page or send us a DM on instagram :)

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